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Album Notes -- Part 1

Around about a year ago now, there was a Kickstarter campaign run by a filmmaker Anna Schwarber for her project, The Porchlight Sessions.  We'd been watching her progress because -- we're documentary hounds -- and also because it sounded like a really cool film.  As the Kickstarter countdown began to wind down, Anna started tweeting about extra perks if you donated to her project, and one in particular was studio time at Compass Records:

"Let's make some music! 1 Day (10-hour) Recording Session at Compass Studio in Nashville, TN with Engineer included + All items at the $500 level. Yup! You bring the musicians."

I told John right away and we thought about it ... we thought a little too long (truth be told, it was hardly 15 minutes) and somebody else snatched it up.  I asked Anna if they would be willing to offer just one more & we would definitely donate.  It was a terrific deal and a great opportunity for us. Anna checked into it, said Yeah, we can do that! And so we got our studio time at an awesome studio and helped fund her film.  Win-win!

We had been in Asheville for all of 5 months at this point and asked a few of our new friends to join us for a day...and out of the kindness of their hearts, a little gas money, and a cheap plane ticket, they did.

It was a long, fun, and tiring day.  You can tell all of that by our faces!  We are so grateful to our friends who lent us their time and talents. HUGE amounts of thanks go out to Kyle Tuttle, Jay Starling, Lyndsay Pruett, and Adam Chaffins. And a major amount of thanks also to Anna Schwarber and Compass. We really appreciate you.

We are so excited about our album -- I'll have more news soon about other special guest artists who will make an appearance on it. We are two lucky dawgs, I'll tell you that.

Below are some shots from our session last July.  

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