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The Strand -- Tomorrow night!

Many thanks to writer Jessi Stone and The Mountaineer for publishing an article on us and our show at The Strand on 38 Main in Waynesville, NC this Thursday evening at 745pm.

We are looking forward to the show -- it's a beautiful facility, owned by Rodney and Lorraine Conard, who have done a wonderful job renovating this old building.

We'll be performing as a trio with our good friend, Dakota Waddell, on upright bass.  Join us if you're in the area!

Bluegrass Unlimited CD Review!

We just found out that our CD, Flood Waters got a fantastic review in Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine!  We are honored to have them cover our debut album!! You can read the review here or down below.

Up from Mississippi, now working out of Asheville, N.C., Grits & Soul is the duo of Anna Kline and John Looney. Though she plays guitar, Kline here appears only as a singer, although to say “only” in any context about her singing is a mistake. She can sing, no doubt about it. Growling, slurring, soaring, swooping, note-bending, word-bending, and a strong vibrato, they’re all part of her power-packed technique. Looney, on the other hand, sings a lead or two, but is primarily an instrumentalist, playing mandolin and guitar. “Blue Friday” and the instrumental “Carolina Fox Chase” give him a chance to stretch out a bit and show off his chops. Filling out the band are a group of solid pickers, the most recognizable being fiddler Nicky Sanders and banjoist Kyle Tuttle.

This 11-song (all originals) CD is their debut and a very good one at that. Bluegrass tunes such as “Lights On The Mountain,” which has a decidedly ’70s-style about it, and “Blue Friday,” with it’s wailing, energetic tale of getting in and out of a questionable romance, stand beside fine honky-tonk tunes such as “Listen Here, Darlin’” and “Just Say The Word” and the heavily blues and gospel-influenced sound of the title tune and the vocals-only trio of “Carry Me Away.”

At the outset is “Marretta Jeane,” a tune who’s percolating, slightly old-time rhythm and Carter Family-tinged lilt mask a sordid tale of murder and love. Sordid or not, it’s hard not to be drawn in by the excellent tune, the tale, and the performance. So too is the slow, 3/4 country saga of an illicit romance and its resulting “Guilty Conscience.” Again, the tune, the tale, and the performance are intriguing and enveloping. But then, you could say the same thing about much of this debut recording. -- BW

Wow -- we are so grateful -- Thanks, Bluegrass Unlimited! 

Thank you Spartanburg-Herald Journal

We've got some fun shows coming up this weekend and want to say "thank you" to Jason Gilmer and the Spartanburg-Herald Journal for publishing a story on us. Click on the link below for the full story:

Grits & Soul finds home in Asheville

Here's where we'll be this weekend:

Friday, March 28, 8pm: Southern Appalachian Brewery at 8pm 

Saturday, March 29, 730pm: The Emerald Lounge with David & Valerie Mayfield

Mountain Xpress Acoustic Asheville Series

Asheville's local alt.weekly rag, The Mountain Xpress puts out the Acoustic Asheville video series.  We were invited to be a part of that series and taped a little sumpthin' for you last week! We performed our song, "Listen Here, Darlin'" in the Asheville Arts Council gallery.

A big thanks goes out to Alli Marshall,Jesse Hamm, and The Asheville Arts Council -- we appreciate y'all!

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