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THANK YOU for an AMAZING 2014!


It's the last day of the year, and I think we are naturally led by its wintry stillness (or maybe sunny stillness, depending on where you are) to dig a little deeper in our thoughts: look ahead, as well as remember the year behind us. A mixture of smiles and tears, growth and change, excitement and disappointment, joy and longing, and a film strip of faces and experiences.  I love that.  I love to see where I was, compared to where I am now.  And all the beautiful and difficult things that happened -- including the people who came and went -- over the course of the year that helped change my perspective, grow, and ultimately teach me to appreciate, well, everything (and everyone) a lot more.

As a band, we had such a HUGE 2014.  There were so many dreams that became a reality  -- from Merlefest to Bristol Rhythm and Roots Reunion to Albino Skunk Fest -- incredible friends made, new places we traveled, awesome shows -- we are so grateful, both personally and professionally, for what we have.  

We cannot thank YOU enough for your support, friendship, encouragement, and random (or maybe-not-so-random) acts of kindness that made such an impression on our lives and our music.  We played damn near 300+ gigs over 2014 and your smiling faces are a big reason why we do it.

2014 Collage 3.jpg

One person, in particular -- who John & I owe two years' worth of thanks to -- is our dear friend and bass player, Dakota Waddell.  He's decided to move on from the band and go back to school in January...and it's an understatement to say, he'll be missed.

This fella has been with us through thick and thin: a bazillion road trips and miles of conversation, his belief in our music, playing to a crowd of hundreds vs a crowd of maybe two people, caffeine-and-dumb-jokes-are-the-only-things-that-will-get-us-through-this, encouraging us, keeping us honest, and being a true blue friend.  We could not have gotten here without you.  Thanks for all your hard work and your friendship. We love you, Bub, and wish you the best at school!! 


We wish you the very best for 2015 and hope you have a safe and festive New Year!  

Let's celebrate!! 

Much love,  Anna + John


“And now we welcome the new year, full of things that have never been”

― Rainer Maria Rilke

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