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Flood Waters Album Cover

We are so proud of our album cover. We are even prouder to showcase the talents of local artists as well.

Cover Art by David McCarty (, Album design by Zack Looney.

Cover Art by David McCarty (, Album design by Zack Looney.

My friend, David McCarty, lives in Jackson, Mississippi.  He is a lawyer by trade and on the side, he is a talented artist and photographer.  Technically he's from Sandusky, Alabama, born and raised; and ended up in Mississippi for law school.  He attended art school for a while before he made the switch to upholding the law ;)  This guy doesn't need his day job, though he's a damn good lawyer, too.

David runs a blog called Pretty Fakes which showcases a lot of his commissioned art by local Mississippi bands, general ideas, doodles, and commentary, along with his photography, too. He is also a talented writer as well -- you should check out his self-published journals! 

David did this cover while we still lived in Jackson.  He met up with us one night at The Cherokee Inn to show us his ideas, he opened up his sketch book to pages of drawings. His style is so distinct and we loved the thought of how his drawings would make a visual impression right before people popped our CD in their players for their first listen. 

Don't forget: you can pre-order Flood Waters , on iTunes now! You will receive an early download of our tune "Listen Here, Darlin'," featuring Nicky Sanders on fiddle, Robert Greer on harmony vocals, and Jackson Dulaney on dobro!

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