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Music Monday: Michael Daves


 Michael Daves is a southern fella from Atlanta, Georgia and now lives in NYC.  His voice is incredible and sounds like he was plucked straight from a 1930's mountain holler.  As his schedule allows, Daves plays a solo show at the Rockwood Music Hall each week.  It would be so much fun to go!

John discovered the album, Sleep With One Eye Open , a compilation of Bill Monroe tunes, that Daves recorded with Chris Thile.  It's a fun album to listen to and we became obsessed with his sound.  I take lots of mental notes about his rhythm playing style.

We love this song he covers, "Dirt That You Throw,", so that's included below. It's also fun to watch him and Chris Thile do "Fiddle Tune Request Time" when they play shows/festivals together.  Their chemistry is so good and at some point, we're going to have to see him live.

Enjoy and have a great week! 

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