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Music Monday...Tuesday

An album that we have been burning up lately on Spotify is Jim Lauderdale's Old TIme Angels  .  It is SO freakin' good!  It's never been so cool to be bluegrass.


From what we can tell, not only does he seem to be the coolest cat ever, but what's interesting about his career and his songwriting is that it's so varied.  We admire that. He is the real deal, surn.

Old Time Angels was recorded live in the studio and in a world of over-produced albums, the sounds has a raw, honest energy that sucks you in.  This type of music is traditionally made to be appreciated in its natural state -- live.   So, as far as bluegrass albums go, it's hard to match that live energy and spontaneity on recorded albums (which is true of most any genre/act).  

The songs on this album are so much fun to sing along to, they are cleverly written and it's just plain fun. Mike Compton (he's from Meridian, MS!) plays mandolin on the album...he is one of John's favorites. 

The title track is great -- it brings back all the girls done wrong from the popular standards like Little Sadie and "Darlin' Corey will dance upon your grave." SO GOOD.

My favorite at the moment is "I Might Look Like a Loser (But I'm Really Not)." The harmonies on the chorus are awesome and it's just a fun country tune.

Give this album a listen!  


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