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All songs written by Anna Kline and John Looney, BMI, (c) 2013.  

Lyrics may be used only after written permission is given.   (All you gotta do is ask.)


Marretta Jeane

The lights of the city got you starry eyed

If she breaks your heart

Don’t let her see you cry

I’ll be right here for you by and by

I won’t say I told you so


Those three little words I longed to hear

Were meant for another

And fell on deaf ears

If I can’t have you darlin’ no one will

Our time is a-coming soon



These jailhouse walls don’t mean a thing

They won’t stop my love

Even though you don’t love me

I swear, what I did, to God above

Doesn’t make me a criminal

Just a woman in love


I don’t understand why you won’t see me

I did all I could

To tell you how I feel

It is your love that will set me free

You’ll always remember me



The raven’s caw from deep in the woods

Seals my fate

Wouldn’t change it if I could

I swear, what I did, to God above

Doesn’t make me a criminal

Just a woman in love


Flood Waters


Have you seen that gal of mine?

Been looking since the river hit yea high

This thing looks like it’s nine years wide

Never seen this in my life


Little dove perched way up there

Sitting on a limb without a care

Will your feet touch the earth again?

What sign bring you from the skies?



Ebb and flow

Them flood waters creep up slow

The tide it turns but this got nowhere to go

Two feet left of saving grace

Fly me to those pearly gates

My heart can’t take no more

My heart can’t take no more


My sin’s buried ‘neath the mud

Scared to death it’ll float back up

What you trying to do Old Man

Guess our lives are yours for to cleanse




Listen Here, Darlin'

Could you see it in my eyes

When I came walkin’ in

You say you’ll change your cheatin’ ways

I’ve heard it time again

You’ve known so long, strung me along

I’m hanging by a thread

Looks to be, for you and me,

The beginning of the end



I thought love was on my side

But what you don’t recognize

You’re caught in between her and me

Listen here, darlin’

My love ain’t for free

I’m stuck in some place

That I don’t wanna be


I got questions on my mind

That need some answerin’

Half my friends, when askin’ them

Say, Aww, it ain’t nothin’

You proved ‘em wrong, left me at home

I looked the perfect fool

While you were seen all over town

On the arm of another girl





After all the words we’ve said

I ain’t feelin’ no more pain

What’s been here longer than anything

Is the whisky in my hand

The time is right, time to decide

It is a simple choice

Between you and me, the whisky’s free,

So keep it comin’ boys




Blue Friday


Ooooooooo Friday

How you done me wrong

By this time tomorrow I’ll be gone


Found it written on the bathroom wall

“For a good time call”

Lula Mae from around the way

And all the fellas saw

That gal with the purty smile

With her skirt hiked up for miles

I took her for a ride, boys,

Gonna go hog wild




I’m not looking for love

Just looking for fun

I’m out on the rail again

I’m back on the run

By the end of the week

She gave my heart a jolt

She asked me for a ring, boys,

Things went up in smoke





Just Say the Word

Maybe it’s the whiskey talking

But when those blue eyes come a-calling

What a thrill, can’t even sit still

Baby, just say the word


Maybe it’s the whisky talking

I can’t keep my hands off of you

Hold me tight, forget what is right

Baby, just say the word



It’s all your fault, I’m in so deep

Come sit here next to me

Let’s see what little lies

Will keep those pryin’ eyes

From knowing what’s between you and me


Maybe it’s the whisky talking

I can see what it is you’re thinking

Throw me the bait, I can’t stand the wait

Baby, just say the word


Maybe it’s the whisky talking

But when you say it that-a way

I can’t say no, I won’t let you go

Baby, just say the word




Shame On Me



It’s shame, shame, shame

Crashing down on me

Things like that they always

Come in threes

Pain and suffering got to be released

Just cuz you say so that ain’t enough for me


Are you surprised to know you’ve got me pinned

Like fire in the distance, the tongues of serpents

My fear tastes bitter I am overcome

Got what you wanted it’s all come undone




I see the beads of sweat drip off your face

Got caught in the crossfire of an unholy rage

That bluff you preach is like a vise

Call me a sinner say it’s do or die




I got the proof right here in my own hands

This girl gonna stand up and be her own man

Your words like water washed all over me

That ghost with chains is done-a rattling me




Lights On the Mountain



Let the lights on the mountain

Guide me back home to you (2x)


Don’t look at me with those heavy eyes

It breaks my heart to pieces all inside

I have to say goodbye to you dear

Always keep close what I say to you here



I promise you dear that my heart is yours alone

You know I’ll be true no matter where I roam

Though you’re sad I’m glad you understand

I’ll never harm what you gave to this man




I’ll come back to the home I love

Where the Feist hound howls at the tree

And the moon shines from up above

Watching nightly over you and me


Neath the limbs of yonder oak tree

Its arms stretched out as wide as the sea

It still stands where you once stood with me

I’ll be back in your arms when my rambling’s done



Guilty Conscience 


My letter was postmarked in the summertime

If I’m not mistaken it was mid-July

Its fury swallowed us and spit us back out

I never heard another word from your mouth


I dreamt of your touch on those humid summer nights

A pair of headlights flood my room each night

Heard you knocking on my front door

Just the lonely thud of feet hit the floor



The sight of your smile

Caught my breath

I got a few butterflies

And a twinge of regret

As I feel the sting of my new wedding ring

It’s too late for crying, it’s too late for trying

It’s all done now



When you’re looking my way

Making me think things

I can’t admit in the light of day

I’d give anything to say

Kiss me

And kiss my guilty conscience away


What felt like ages since those lonely summer months

The chill of autumn chased away those thoughts

We lost our chance for that ol’ “what if”

He’s a demon, beggar, truth

And a myth




Hundred Year Farm


Pull the curtains & I’ll latch the door

The fields of home we’ll see them no more

Here lies a life three centuries old

Goodbye, my love

Rest in peace, my love


I worked the land & raised my sons

Like generations before me have done

Question not this hundred year farm

Goodbye, my love

Rest in peace, my love


Shed not a tear, my heart it is full

Something awaits us out there in the world

Sometimes I wonder what came of it all

Goodbye, my love

Rest in peace, my love


Memories won’t easily let a heart go

Though life isn’t merely of chance alone

Don’t miss them yet, those fields of home

Goodbye, my love

Rest in peace, my love


One by one they left but me

I’ve been back but twice in the last twenty-three

There’s so much of this old world to see

Goodbye, my love

Rest in peace, my love


Goodbye, my love

Rest in peace, my love



Carry Me Away



Carry me away

Carry me away

Over the ripplin’ sea to glory

Carry me away


My sins they got me cloudy headed

Carry me away

Sweet and low their voices whisper

Carry me away


Hear those waves to me a –callin’

Carry me away

Ain’t nowhere to hide my sorrow

Carry me away




Vengeance come in wailin’ tongues

Carry me away

From the flames my master brung

Carry me away


Lord of grace and Lord of mercy

Carry me away

Wash me clean in healing waters

Carry me away




Take my life and all its sorrows

Carry me away

Hide them neath the salty waters

Carry me away


Death hath no new song to sing

Carry me away

Mine will from the rafters ring

Carry me away




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